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Running Belts Vs Armbands

Running Belts Vs Armbands. A battle about as old as someone born last year. As I started reviewing both, I was given a chance to see the benefits of both. I see tons of armbands around. Most everyone has them now, and that is probably because it is the popular thing.

The armbands are nice. If you have wired headphones, you can wire the headphones up to your ears nicely. The easy way to run with them is to wrap the cord through, and then you can use your app while you run and switch songs and stuff.

Running belts are nice and easy if you have bluetooth or are good at setting up an app and then are good to run. You shove the phone in it, and then you are all good to run. If you run with an app and are good to know your route and then go, you should use the belt.

Basically it comes down to how you use your phone when you run. If you use an app while you run, an armband is nicer because it is more convenient. If you have wired headphones, then you would also be better off with an armband.

If you run with wireless headphones, you should probably settle on a belt. I think the belt is much better since you don’t really notice it and it isn’t in the way. I do always run with Bluetooth headphones though since I own so many, so that may bias me I guess? Either way, it’s up to everyone to figure out what they like best.