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LLUNC Air Vent Phone Holder

When you get around by Google Maps, you can’t just leave your phone in your lap or on the dash. It’ll fall and then you get screwed and make a wrong turn and get lost.

What you need is some way to hold your phone onto something. You can use a suction cup, but those things just suck. I mean that as in they work though. They use suction…

If that isn’t your thing, one of these plugs onto your air vent right by the dash or the steering wheel and you can see your directions like that.

Pretty convenient I guess. I just use a bike.


KastKing Fishing Grip

I suck at holding fish. Either I get scared to hold it, or I don’t know how to. I feel rather bad about it. So I got this to review.

Not only does it hold the fish for me, it weighs it and can measure it. So instead of looking like a whimp, I now look like a guy really interested in weight and size. So though I am still working on holding my own fish, this is still good for everyone else.

It is accurate with the measurements, and I have no trouble with the tape measure part of it. Just need this and a net, and you should be all set to fish!