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LLUNC Air Vent Phone Holder

When you get around by Google Maps, you can’t just leave your phone in your lap or on the dash. It’ll fall and then you get screwed and make a wrong turn and get lost.

What you need is some way to hold your phone onto something. You can use a suction cup, but those things just suck. I mean that as in they work though. They use suction…

If that isn’t your thing, one of these plugs onto your air vent right by the dash or the steering wheel and you can see your directions like that.

Pretty convenient I guess. I just use a bike.


Seidio SURFACE Nexus 6P Case

Have you ever run your phone over with a scooter? I have. I had this case on it. My phone is fine.

If that doesn’t convince you, I have no idea what will. This case is a tank though. I have played minutes of Candy Crush on it, and days of Hearthstone. I have dropped my phone multiple times and used the stand…. And it is still alive

After all this time, this is my favorite case I have reviewed.


Intek Bike Phone Mount

When you have no car, getting to work is tough. When you have a bike, getting to work is dangerous. When you have a long ride with no music or directions, you get bored and lost. So the Intek Bike mount came in.

I used it so I could Google Maps where my work site would be and how to bike there. I also used it for getting around in general. It went on the bike easy and everything, but because phones are heavy any bumps tilt it down until you can’t see the screen. I wouldn’t use it on a road bike either now that I have one because they are even less forgiving about bumps. Plus I got a better mount now anyway…


DBPOWER Bluetooth Car Kit

If you have a car without bluetooth, this gives it that ability. I prefer the AUX cord version more, as it has a better connection, but this is pretty good.

Easy to set up and start playing music. But it does take up your cigarette lighter. The little button is a nice way to control the volume and stuff, but it also requires you have a nice enough radio to have an input. At this point you may as well just get a car iPod or something though. So I feel it is a bit redundant. I love it though for turning my regular wired speakers into Bluetooth speakers though. They are AMAZING for that.

You can set up a speaker system that is wired and make it Bluetooth with this. That is pretty cool.


Evolv Gear Armband

Ever since I saw running belts, running armbands have become less useful to me. But I still owe it to people to post this.

Running armbands are nice, but as phones get bigger, it gets tougher and tougher to find one that is comfortable that holds your phone still. You can plug your headphones in and start running – hoping you don’t jerk your headphones out as you run. Then you can struggle to see your phone screen by dislocating your shoulder. Fun right?

Either way, this is one of my favorite arm bands. Although a 6P is a bit big. That may be my problem with arm bands in general…..


MOS Spring Micro USB Cable

Before I moved on to the forgotten wasteland that is USB-C, I loved this charging cable. My original Samsung broke and this dude popped up. It was metal, and with springs on it so I had zero thoughts that it would ever break. I was not wrong.

Though a bit shorter in terms of cables these days, this thing will not bend and become brittle like other cables. I loved it even when it shocked me because it was metal and did that from time to time.

They just don’t make USB-C cables like that… And seriously, why couldn’t they be trendy and call it USC?