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Seidio SURFACE Nexus 6P Case

Have you ever run your phone over with a scooter? I have. I had this case on it. My phone is fine.

If that doesn’t convince you, I have no idea what will. This case is a tank though. I have played minutes of Candy Crush on it, and days of Hearthstone. I have dropped my phone multiple times and used the stand…. And it is still alive

After all this time, this is my favorite case I have reviewed.


Slappa Hardbody PRO Laptop Case

Perhaps one of the most over hyped and under delivered products ever. If I wasn’t much younger when I got this, I would have written one of the most scathing reviews I could think of for this product.

I did my research online and this thing stood up to cement trucks, huge drops… But when I actually got it, it couldn’t stand up to daily use. A few days after I got it, the strap connector broke. No big deal, I’ll go without. Then the zippers started to peel off. Then one day I had a single zipper no strap laptop case. It didn’t really even fit my laptop and charger in it well without a bit of tetris, and I was actually disappointed.

I later got a new laptop bag that cost half as much that I love and still use today.

Review (to see my younger self be angry)