Introducing the Standard Brewview

I did some brief thinking. What was my biggest issue with the Amazon review system? The star rating. Sure they gave the vague ‘I love it, I like it, It’s Okay’ descriptions on their stars, but nobody knew what that really meant. Some people ranked an okay product as a 5 star, and others at a 3 star.

To remove this ambiguity from my reviews going forward, I think it is in everyone’s best interest that I get rid of the star system. When I look at products, I appreciate the point system. I’ve seen the point system for beers, headphones, fantasy football players, and more. The point system allows me to be much more precise on what is good and bad, and the average at the end encompasses that much better.

On Amazon, I would say something like ‘This product has a small issue, but is good other than that.’ That issue would be the difference between a 4 and 5 star. Well if you convert to the point system, that is the difference between an 8 and a 10. Or an 80 and 100. That is HUGE when you think of it. Especially with decimal points being valid.

So above you can see a standard brewview, so there will be less confusion, and much more accurate rankings going forward.

Since I have power over standards, I think the school system does it pretty well. So I will structure my reviews like school grades. A 7.5 would be an average product, meaning nothing special really pops out. Anything under a 7 corresponds to a D-rank product, and anything over 9 would correspond to an A-rank product. If I ever review anything that deserves greater than a 9.5, I will have to start making awards for products, as those are truly top-tier products.

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