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Zerdocean Cardigan Hoodie

I’ve been told my closet isn’t very ‘grown up’. Most of my shirts are T-shirts and I don’t wear khakis all the time, so most of my more casual professional wear is just a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Admittedly, I have been trying to replace my wardrobe with more plain color stuff and more professional looking clothes, but that gets to be really expensive really quick.

Luckily, as a reviewer you get to review products that are just what you need when you need them.  I got lucky and got to test out the cardigan hoodie, and I love it. It is pretty cool, if not a bit strange since it is more hoodie than cardigan. But it looks nice and would work well in the fall.

It is well put together and looks like a cardigan, and the hood is pretty big. I like big hoods, but that’s just a personal preference.

Check out my review.