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Hammock Straps

If you are ecofriendly and love the trees, hammock straps are your friends. They are more friendly than a plain old rope, and look more sophisticated than a ratchet.

I used a ratchet before, and didn’t have any issues really. But these were free so I took them and gave them to my sister who technically owns the hammock.

We set it up easy and now our hammock is strapped as opposed to ratcheted onto a tree. Instead of death gripping the tree, it is now just a friendly hug. Save the trees, folks.


Rechargeable Insect Zapper

I swear this thing is more fun as a toy than a bug zapper. Since I got it, I have become Bug Man in my house. Whenever I see a moth or something inside, I scream BUG MAN and get the racket and chase it around.

Sometimes, I like to go outside and swat at bees and other flying insects and moths just for fun. I like the sound they make when they get zapped. Actually after a while I even liked the smell. Although my family doesn’t. Oh well!


Intek Bike Phone Mount

When you have no car, getting to work is tough. When you have a bike, getting to work is dangerous. When you have a long ride with no music or directions, you get bored and lost. So the Intek Bike mount came in.

I used it so I could Google Maps where my work site would be and how to bike there. I also used it for getting around in general. It went on the bike easy and everything, but because phones are heavy any bumps tilt it down until you can’t see the screen. I wouldn’t use it on a road bike either now that I have one because they are even less forgiving about bumps. Plus I got a better mount now anyway…


Nature’s Mace Deer & Rabbit Repellent

Deer. Depending on where you live, they can be a nuisance or something to get out of your car to take a picture of. To me, they are a pain. You can’t shoot deer to kill them without tags, and you can’t stay up all night to shoot them with a BB gun. So you have to try alternative methods.

This stuff smells. Bad. So it must smell worse to deer. It is basically blood and bones mashed together and thrown in a container. I would stay away from it, and I’m not even its target. Ever since spreading it though, I have had less deer problems.

I wonder what would happen if you actually maced a deer….


KastKing Fishing Grip

I suck at holding fish. Either I get scared to hold it, or I don’t know how to. I feel rather bad about it. So I got this to review.

Not only does it hold the fish for me, it weighs it and can measure it. So instead of looking like a whimp, I now look like a guy really interested in weight and size. So though I am still working on holding my own fish, this is still good for everyone else.

It is accurate with the measurements, and I have no trouble with the tape measure part of it. Just need this and a net, and you should be all set to fish!


KastKing Copolymer Line

More fishing! Until this line, I had only ever used monofilament. It is pretty solid stuff, but this copolymer is more…. High tech? Unlike braided, this is a single piece of copolymer, but it acts like a braid. It spools and unspools nicely and doesn’t tangle much. MUCH. It still does and I hate it.

It is just fishing line though. Not much witty to say that isn’t in the review. So I’ll let you get to it or not.


Kastking Maelstrom Baitrunner Reel

My first reel. The first reel that is actually mine and that nobody else in my family can use without asking me.

I knew what baitrunners did, but I didn’t know how nice they were to have when fishing in a lake. Throw out the line, click the baitrunner and loosen up your drag. Wait a few minutes. Grab a cold one, maybe read a book. You’ll know when you have a fish, and when it starts running and the baitrunner clicks off the hook will set.

I really like the reel. It feels really smooth and it is nice to call my own.


Repel MAX Insect Repellant

No, this isn’t Pokemon. This is not a Repel MAX, where you will not encounter any pokemon for the next 1000 steps. This is actually the best bug spray I have found to date.

As a quick back story, I tried using OFF! on my first week working in a local park getting rid of some invasive plants. I didn’t give anything a second thought until one day in the shower I noticed a bunch of black spots on my legs. I didn’t think much of it until I tried scrubbing them off only to realize they were ticks.

To spare you the details, it was not fun at all picking them off of me. I did some research and found that OFF! is something like 8% DEET, where this stuff is 40% DEET. If you didn’t know, DEET is the one thing that prevents ticks and bugs from going near you. But it is toxic, so this is spray you shouldn’t spray on your body, but your clothes. Be wary, some people have mentioned clothing discoloration, but they all say that the bugs stayed away!


Magnetic Screen Door

Chances are high you’ve seen this thing on TV at one point or another. The ads aren’t that far off from how the item actually performs which is awesome. The hardest thing about using the magnetic screen door is setting it up by yourself. It really is more of a two person job.

Anyway, the magnetic screen door is really awesome. It opens when you walk through it, so you don’t need to be cautious about it, and it closes right behind you so there is no worry. We love it at my house because the porch screen door is a bit off the rails, and now that problem is no longer relevant. This is one of my more fun products I’ve reviewed.