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Santamedical Dual Channel TENS Unit

So if you have ever been to the chiropractor, you may have been hooked up to the big electrical stimulant machine. We call it a stim in my house. But they make you feel pretty strange since it forces your muscles to contract, but it is relaxing after a while.

This is the same thing, just a bit less powerful and more tuned to home use. You can throw it on after a long day and use the 4 pads to get your shoulders and back or whatever it is that ails you. All in all, a pretty nice deal.


Aquabod Collapsible Water Bottle

This bottle is both great and terrible at the same time. When you drop a weight on it at the gym, it doesn’t break. It just shoots your water all over in a huge jet fashion. See that hot girl over there? You just hosed her down because you dropped your weights on the bottle.

It is great that it fits in your bag and is squishy. Until you try to drink it half full and it flops around everywhere like an idiot. The possibilities are endless. The only true weakness though is the loop that lets you roll it up. IF that breaks you are screwed. But that hasn’t happened to me yet.


KSCAT Bone Conduction Headset

Bone conduction headphones are weird. They are like speakers that go by your ears. They are great for running though because they are so clear and you can easily hear the road while running.

Don’t use them in a gym though. I noticed this after realizing the entire gym could hear me.

Plus you get to look like a cyborg with this cool thing around your head. I really like them. More than I thought I would.


Ape Strength Pull-Up Bar

You know what’s crazy? Being as strong as an ape. Literally, you are as strong as a gorilla. You could wrestle Harambe and win! The Ape Strength pullup bar has made me Harambe Strong.

I put the bar up and immediately I felt stronger. Within weeks I was #HarambeStrong and loving it. I am probably the best pullupper in the world by now. Get on my level.


HotelSpa 8814 Shower Head

Moving into college in a suite with 5 other guys made showering a bit tougher. We all shared one shower, but I knew all of them. The shower head the school gave us sucked. So I got one to review.

The HotelSpa head is pretty nice because it is actually 2 heads. One comes on a bar, but I screwed up installation and so the bar became useless… Whoops. Either way, no real issues were had, but amazing showers were.


This product came from Giveaway Service, and part of my contract with them is leaving a link. So here is the link to them. No obligation to click it.

Chef Proven Lemon Juicer

Chik Fil A lemonade. Is there any better lemonade? Certainly not concentrate… But who has time to squeeze lemons? I used to kill my wrists twisting the lemons on a traditional juicer. It took too long and I hated it.

Now they have these fancy newfangled contraptions that just crush it. With one of these, I can squeeze 6 lemons for Chik Fil A lemonade in about 2 minutes.

For those of you who want to know, my recipe for the lemonade is as follows:

6 Sunkist Lemons of medium to large size

1 cup sugar (more to taste)

Fill with water.

I also like to scrape some pulp into the pitcher for a more authentic feel. The juicer doesn’t really let much pulp into your liquid.


Sonic Toothbrush

Before this, I had a $20 spinbrush. Now, there is nothing wrong with that. But my whole family had those fancy Diamond brushes that oscillated like over 9000 times per minute and whatnot.

So I saw this for review for like 5 bucks and was all over it. Believe it or not, there is a learning curve to a toothbrush. My teeth are better than ever, but adjusting was weird. Plus having 4 timers makes an even brush nice and easy to have.

My shiny teeth and me are happy with it.


Etekcity Essential Oil Diffuser

To go with essential oils, you need either a warmer or a diffuser. I like diffusers because they get moisture in the air and they get a better dispersion of flow. Because of this, the scent gets spread faster and more evenly than with a warmer.

This one also lights up. I like it, because it is a fun thing to have on while you watch TV or so you don’t forget it is on. Then you can turn it off when you want the scent but want to go to bed.

Pretty nice. Auto shutoff is cool.


Evolv Gear Armband

Ever since I saw running belts, running armbands have become less useful to me. But I still owe it to people to post this.

Running armbands are nice, but as phones get bigger, it gets tougher and tougher to find one that is comfortable that holds your phone still. You can plug your headphones in and start running – hoping you don’t jerk your headphones out as you run. Then you can struggle to see your phone screen by dislocating your shoulder. Fun right?

Either way, this is one of my favorite arm bands. Although a 6P is a bit big. That may be my problem with arm bands in general…..


Mega Essential Oil Megathread

[Continuously updated with images and reviews. All located at the bottom.]

Other than skin care, essential oils are very easy to get when you start out. However, I did not sell out and review these just for the hell of it. My family uses incense and all of those sprays and stuff. So this was just a logical step forward. But seriously I think I went overboard and got too much.

Most oils I have received are pretty good. I haven’t had any oil except one that I think was faulty and bad. I’ll warn you in the links.

They supposedly have health benefits and whatnot, but let’s be real here. They smell good. They are strong.

Did you burn food? Diffuse some oil. Drinking alcohol in the dorms? Diffuse some oil to cover the smell. Forget to do laundry? More oil.

It is basically Febreeze, but you can do whatever else you can think of with it. Check it out. I also reviewed some diffusers if you are interested.





Lavender Kashmir – New York Biology

Calily Set

Majestic Pure Tea Tree

First Botany Tea Tree

Radha Lavender

Sun  Organic Clove

Sun Organic Clary Sage

Sun Organic Copaiba

Sun Organic Camphor

Sun Organic Cinnamon Bark


Four Thieves

Radha Peppermint