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LLUNC Air Vent Phone Holder

When you get around by Google Maps, you can’t just leave your phone in your lap or on the dash. It’ll fall and then you get screwed and make a wrong turn and get lost.

What you need is some way to hold your phone onto something. You can use a suction cup, but those things just suck. I mean that as in they work though. They use suction…

If that isn’t your thing, one of these plugs onto your air vent right by the dash or the steering wheel and you can see your directions like that.

Pretty convenient I guess. I just use a bike.


Black Box X1S GPS Dash Cam

Best story I have of a dashcam. My friend recorded himself going offroad and obliterating a telephone pole. Seriously, it was so funny. But only because he was okay. It also proved he was a victim of bad roads, so the insurance paid for a new car.

Other than using a dash cam for the funny internet memes, you can use them to prove insurance and to get back at that asshole who cut you off on your way home from work.

I think in an ideal world everyone would have one. Then there would be no question  of who is at fault in most car accidents.


KSCAT Bone Conduction Headset

Bone conduction headphones are weird. They are like speakers that go by your ears. They are great for running though because they are so clear and you can easily hear the road while running.

Don’t use them in a gym though. I noticed this after realizing the entire gym could hear me.

Plus you get to look like a cyborg with this cool thing around your head. I really like them. More than I thought I would.


Seidio SURFACE Nexus 6P Case

Have you ever run your phone over with a scooter? I have. I had this case on it. My phone is fine.

If that doesn’t convince you, I have no idea what will. This case is a tank though. I have played minutes of Candy Crush on it, and days of Hearthstone. I have dropped my phone multiple times and used the stand…. And it is still alive

After all this time, this is my favorite case I have reviewed.


Running Belts Vs Armbands

Running Belts Vs Armbands. A battle about as old as someone born last year. As I started reviewing both, I was given a chance to see the benefits of both. I see tons of armbands around. Most everyone has them now, and that is probably because it is the popular thing.

The armbands are nice. If you have wired headphones, you can wire the headphones up to your ears nicely. The easy way to run with them is to wrap the cord through, and then you can use your app while you run and switch songs and stuff.

Running belts are nice and easy if you have bluetooth or are good at setting up an app and then are good to run. You shove the phone in it, and then you are all good to run. If you run with an app and are good to know your route and then go, you should use the belt.

Basically it comes down to how you use your phone when you run. If you use an app while you run, an armband is nicer because it is more convenient. If you have wired headphones, then you would also be better off with an armband.

If you run with wireless headphones, you should probably settle on a belt. I think the belt is much better since you don’t really notice it and it isn’t in the way. I do always run with Bluetooth headphones though since I own so many, so that may bias me I guess? Either way, it’s up to everyone to figure out what they like best.


Google Cardboard

VR is still not a huge thing. But it is getting there. Of course there are the Samsung Gear things. But those are a large expense and quite frankly nothing VR is that great that you should go buy something expensive to try out a novelty.

Google cardboard is basically that. A piece of cardboard you fold over and attach a rubber band and you have a VR viewer. It isn’t comfortable or feature rich, but the word cardboard is in the name so what did you expect.

Folding is easy, and apps are decently easy to use, but it is still a novelty.


Bicycle Rim Lights

What the hell is up with that image???? Back to Pimp My Bike because when you don’t have a car you have to make due. Rim lights. For those moments when you need to pimp out your wheels these come in. You can’t see them yourself, so they are entirely for everyone else to see when you bike.

I don’t care. I think they are really dope. They flash and say “hey, this guy doesn’t have a car, but look how cool his bike is. He doesn’t even need a car because it wouldn’t be as cool as this bike.”


DBPOWER Bluetooth Car Kit

If you have a car without bluetooth, this gives it that ability. I prefer the AUX cord version more, as it has a better connection, but this is pretty good.

Easy to set up and start playing music. But it does take up your cigarette lighter. The little button is a nice way to control the volume and stuff, but it also requires you have a nice enough radio to have an input. At this point you may as well just get a car iPod or something though. So I feel it is a bit redundant. I love it though for turning my regular wired speakers into Bluetooth speakers though. They are AMAZING for that.

You can set up a speaker system that is wired and make it Bluetooth with this. That is pretty cool.


D-Link DIR-601 Wireless Router

I wish there was a witty thing you could write about a router. I went to school and my internet for my suite kinda sucked. I wanted to use 8 phones, my daily phone, laptop, and a Chromecast. Naturally since I was on a shared network already, I got a bad signal across all those devices.

When I got this, I got a much better connection. But to be fair, I only bought it because this particular router because it was cheap. It was a pretty cheap solution. No 5Ghz band or anything, so you won’t get the best connection possible, but you will get a cheap dedicated network.

If you need a cheap dedicated network for a few devices in a house with a ton, maybe you need this.


Etekcity Essential Oil Diffuser

To go with essential oils, you need either a warmer or a diffuser. I like diffusers because they get moisture in the air and they get a better dispersion of flow. Because of this, the scent gets spread faster and more evenly than with a warmer.

This one also lights up. I like it, because it is a fun thing to have on while you watch TV or so you don’t forget it is on. Then you can turn it off when you want the scent but want to go to bed.

Pretty nice. Auto shutoff is cool.