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Emjoi Micro Nail Manicure

Another device that could be replaced by an angle grinder. Take this, two wheels. One is basically some sandpaper to scrape your nails even. Then you replace it with a Scotch-Brite wheel and you buff them.

Yes. Again, this is totally a specialized angle grinder with discs. Oh well. The results are really nice and last a while. Too long if you’re a guy who has to explain why his nails look so shiny… I couldn’t scratch my nails up fast enough…


HotelSpa 8814 Shower Head

Moving into college in a suite with 5 other guys made showering a bit tougher. We all shared one shower, but I knew all of them. The shower head the school gave us sucked. So I got one to review.

The HotelSpa head is pretty nice because it is actually 2 heads. One comes on a bar, but I screwed up installation and so the bar became useless… Whoops. Either way, no real issues were had, but amazing showers were.


This product came from Giveaway Service, and part of my contract with them is leaving a link. So here is the link to them. No obligation to click it.

Sleep Mask

When I first went to college, the blinds were terrible. I later corrected this by putting a blanket over the window, but my first year I couldn’t do this because of my room-mate. I didn’t think he would appreciate me taping the window over. But I should have done it anyway.

This sleep mask and some earplugs were all that helped me sleep my first year. I would throw in the plugs, throw the mask on, and all of a sudden I was plunged into a world where sound and light did not exist. But actually I couldn’t see much light. That was great.

It could have fit better, but maybe I have a weird face. Either way, you know the drill.


DJ Pomade

As a DJ, I felt especially qualified to review this. I have hair, and I was a DJ. Holy crap, this was made just for me.

I think pomade is a bad word for this. It is softer than clay, but more rigid than forming cream. But I do like it. DJ Dirty Shampoo approves. Throw it in your hair and then rock a set while you fake twist knobs until you screw something up and ruin your set…. Whoops/


Naressa Electric Callous Remover

As someone with no real sand or ocean to soften up my feet, I have pretty rough soles. The running I do and all of that good stuff means my feet are pretty rough and look a bit white and rough. Well, I guess some people care about that?

Similar to a pumice stone, this is just meant to be an abrasive to remove both dead and toughened skin from anywhere, but mainly your feet. It is basically a whimpy angle grinder. If you were really serious about keeping your feet soft, you could just get some 400 grit and sand your feet to smoothness. But I digress.

Go ahead and use this. You just aren’t as cool as you could be.


Jax Pomade

Hair. Why is it such a pain sometimes? Is it because you can never get it right until you stop caring? Probably. I used to never style my hair, and all because of one haircut I love doing it now. But I’m lazy and so I don’t always do it.

Pomade is a more greasy product. Think Grease. It holds your hair but also makes you look like you just swam out of the Pacific after the BP incident. Okay, maybe it isn’t that bad… But it is a look I think works much better on longer hair than shorter. I don’t pull it off well.


Azure Naturals Cucumber Peptide Eye Gel

As a guy, I never understood the ‘put cream on your face and cucumbers on your eyes’ thing. Maybe that’s me, maybe my gender. Either way, I don’t get it. What makes it easier is a gel like this. From what I’ve read, it does pretty much the same thing, but is just a gel you put on before bed. It makes your eyes look less droopy and dark, so you look more youthful and stuff.

I like it since it lets me fool the world into thinking I get enough sleep. It does smell like a cucumber and that is pretty nifty, and according to my mom and sister it works better than a cucumber slice.

Review right here.

Hyaluronic Acid Megapost

Before I started reviewing I had never even heard of Hyaluronic Acid. Apparently it is really big since it can hold up to 100 times its weight in water, which makes skin look much more plumped up. Supposedly they use it on burn victims and it helps burns as well.

Either way, I have neither deflated skin nor am I a burn victim. Just a regular guy. However, when you start reviewing products, you have to start somewhere, and skin care is a pretty easy place to start out. Since starting I have done quite a few for hyaluronic acid because I find I like it, and my sister and mom are big fans as well. Obviously they have bigger results than I do, but I have to test it myself, since I don’t do fake reviews.

To save you the trouble of reading a bunch of posts like this, I will just make one large megathread for every review of this I have done. But first, read up on the benefits of Hyaluronic acid at this site.

As I said, here is a couple of my reviews to these products in no particular order.

Azure Naturals

Lilian Fache

Cosmedia Skincare

Keeva Tea Tree Cream

If you read enough of my reviews, you’ll figure out I have acne scarring on my chest and am on a mission to get rid of it. I’ve tried all kinds of stuff, and in the beginning I found a product that really got rid of the redness and bumps, before I tried some bad products which brought it all back.

The product that helped take my chest from a red minefield of scarring and pimples to a more tame mess was the Keeva Tea Tree Oil Acne Cream. It worked pretty amazingly, even if the smell was a bit much to deal with at times. Tea tree oil is a good antibacterial oil, and I think that along with the other ingredients were what helped me get to a more manageable chest.