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DJ Pomade

As a DJ, I felt especially qualified to review this. I have hair, and I was a DJ. Holy crap, this was made just for me.

I think pomade is a bad word for this. It is softer than clay, but more rigid than forming cream. But I do like it. DJ Dirty Shampoo approves. Throw it in your hair and then rock a set while you fake twist knobs until you screw something up and ruin your set…. Whoops/


KastKing Copolymer Line

More fishing! Until this line, I had only ever used monofilament. It is pretty solid stuff, but this copolymer is more…. High tech? Unlike braided, this is a single piece of copolymer, but it acts like a braid. It spools and unspools nicely and doesn’t tangle much. MUCH. It still does and I hate it.

It is just fishing line though. Not much witty to say that isn’t in the review. So I’ll let you get to it or not.


Kastking Maelstrom Baitrunner Reel

My first reel. The first reel that is actually mine and that nobody else in my family can use without asking me.

I knew what baitrunners did, but I didn’t know how nice they were to have when fishing in a lake. Throw out the line, click the baitrunner and loosen up your drag. Wait a few minutes. Grab a cold one, maybe read a book. You’ll know when you have a fish, and when it starts running and the baitrunner clicks off the hook will set.

I really like the reel. It feels really smooth and it is nice to call my own.


DBPOWER Kitchen Food Scale

Whether you make your own food or need a scale for measuring out small quantities of anything, kitchen scales have you covered. Yes, I know what people use these for. No, that is not why I got one. I use it for meal prep.

It is a compact scale that fits easily on a table in your kitchen. Or you could put it in a drawer I guess. It is pretty basic, and doesn’t do much other than pump out a number, but there are plenty of fancier ones out there.


Mega Essential Oil Megathread

[Continuously updated with images and reviews. All located at the bottom.]

Other than skin care, essential oils are very easy to get when you start out. However, I did not sell out and review these just for the hell of it. My family uses incense and all of those sprays and stuff. So this was just a logical step forward. But seriously I think I went overboard and got too much.

Most oils I have received are pretty good. I haven’t had any oil except one that I think was faulty and bad. I’ll warn you in the links.

They supposedly have health benefits and whatnot, but let’s be real here. They smell good. They are strong.

Did you burn food? Diffuse some oil. Drinking alcohol in the dorms? Diffuse some oil to cover the smell. Forget to do laundry? More oil.

It is basically Febreeze, but you can do whatever else you can think of with it. Check it out. I also reviewed some diffusers if you are interested.





Lavender Kashmir – New York Biology

Calily Set

Majestic Pure Tea Tree

First Botany Tea Tree

Radha Lavender

Sun  Organic Clove

Sun Organic Clary Sage

Sun Organic Copaiba

Sun Organic Camphor

Sun Organic Cinnamon Bark


Four Thieves

Radha Peppermint

Naressa Electric Callous Remover

As someone with no real sand or ocean to soften up my feet, I have pretty rough soles. The running I do and all of that good stuff means my feet are pretty rough and look a bit white and rough. Well, I guess some people care about that?

Similar to a pumice stone, this is just meant to be an abrasive to remove both dead and toughened skin from anywhere, but mainly your feet. It is basically a whimpy angle grinder. If you were really serious about keeping your feet soft, you could just get some 400 grit and sand your feet to smoothness. But I digress.

Go ahead and use this. You just aren’t as cool as you could be.


Sentey B-Trek S8 Bluetooth Speaker

Ah. My favorite Bluetooth speaker. As I write this I’m listening to music on it. The soft touch buttons, the lack of light on the front. I love it and everything it stands for.

It was also my first Bluetooth speaker. So there is a nostalgia factor to it. I suppose I got lucky, since none of the ones I have reviewed since have held up to it. The S8 (named Burrito by my mother) is a nice weight and size, and it is very directional. If you point it away from a room, that room won’t hear much of it. I love that. You should love it.


MOS Spring Micro USB Cable

Before I moved on to the forgotten wasteland that is USB-C, I loved this charging cable. My original Samsung broke and this dude popped up. It was metal, and with springs on it so I had zero thoughts that it would ever break. I was not wrong.

Though a bit shorter in terms of cables these days, this thing will not bend and become brittle like other cables. I loved it even when it shocked me because it was metal and did that from time to time.

They just don’t make USB-C cables like that… And seriously, why couldn’t they be trendy and call it USC?


THZY Wireless FM Transmitter

In some other posts I talk about car Bluetooth adapters. I say I like AUX products more. This is the type of product I am talking about. Plug it into the cigarette adapter, turn your radio to an empty station, plug in the AUX to your phone… And boom. You turned an old school radio into a new streaming media player.

Or maybe it is your favorite driving playlist. I don’t judge. I have one. Except mine is for passengers, since I still don’t drive. Either way, when I was in middle school these things were all the rage. They still are and they deserve to be.