Monthly Archives: April 2016

Aposon Watch

Well… One of the more interesting things I’ve decided to review. A watch. What’s weird about it? Well this particular watch costs 10 dollars. Usually that’s a sign that something is janky or cheap, and in this case…. Well yeah, it pretty much is still true.

The watch itself is pretty large and gaudy looking, with its “unique” design taking up a lot of space. It is pretty heavy, and the only thing that is good for is… I don’t know. Clubbing somebody? I wasn’t sure what to do with it, so I decided to run a durability test on it. Dropping it down a flight of stairs 5 times ended up popping the back off and breaking the glass. So I wouldn’t say it is cheap, but there also isn’t much on this thing to break, so there is that.

However, it does tell time, and honestly that’s the main point. So  I can’t take off many points on it, but it is a rather cheap looking thing and you will get made fun of for it.

Gag gift anyone?