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Multi USB Port Chargers

At some point I will put up an article on how I make my money to buy some of the stuff I buy. However, being a reviewer, I do get stuff at a big discount. That’s beside the point. I’ll put that up pretty soon I guess, though, so you can get some extra cash.

In general, if you have a lot of USB devices and not a lot of plugs, you will run out of USB ports in your house pretty quick. However, they make devices specifically to charge a bunch of USB devices at once. They look like nothing impressive, since they are just bricks that charge USB devices, but they get the job done. Some split their voltage and amperage based on port, others do it with smartIQ technology. Either way, they all pretty much charge devices.


I have two, and honestly I don’t see much difference for the retail price. Cheaper is probably better in this case so long as the volts and amps add up to your devices needs.

Since I do have two, I’ll put both links here, but I do like the KableDirekt one better for the price and Smart Detection.



Sentey Earbuds

The cool thing about reviewing is you start to recognize brands that are quality, but not quite big brand yet. Over the time I have been reviewing, I’ve seen a couple brands like this, and it is interesting because as reviewers we know which brands are really quality and fun to deal with. Sentey is one of those brands.

They have a website, check it out here. Their stuff is pretty solid, from what I can tell about reviewing for them.

The first thing they sent me were these earbuds. They work really well for how inexpensive they are. I liked them a lot, and the style of them is really cool.


Repel MAX Insect Repellant

No, this isn’t Pokemon. This is not a Repel MAX, where you will not encounter any pokemon for the next 1000 steps. This is actually the best bug spray I have found to date.

As a quick back story, I tried using OFF! on my first week working in a local park getting rid of some invasive plants. I didn’t give anything a second thought until one day in the shower I noticed a bunch of black spots on my legs. I didn’t think much of it until I tried scrubbing them off only to realize they were ticks.

To spare you the details, it was not fun at all picking them off of me. I did some research and found that OFF! is something like 8% DEET, where this stuff is 40% DEET. If you didn’t know, DEET is the one thing that prevents ticks and bugs from going near you. But it is toxic, so this is spray you shouldn’t spray on your body, but your clothes. Be wary, some people have mentioned clothing discoloration, but they all say that the bugs stayed away!


Zerdocean Cardigan Hoodie

I’ve been told my closet isn’t very ‘grown up’. Most of my shirts are T-shirts and I don’t wear khakis all the time, so most of my more casual professional wear is just a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Admittedly, I have been trying to replace my wardrobe with more plain color stuff and more professional looking clothes, but that gets to be really expensive really quick.

Luckily, as a reviewer you get to review products that are just what you need when you need them.  I got lucky and got to test out the cardigan hoodie, and I love it. It is pretty cool, if not a bit strange since it is more hoodie than cardigan. But it looks nice and would work well in the fall.

It is well put together and looks like a cardigan, and the hood is pretty big. I like big hoods, but that’s just a personal preference.

Check out my review.

Azure Naturals Cucumber Peptide Eye Gel

As a guy, I never understood the ‘put cream on your face and cucumbers on your eyes’ thing. Maybe that’s me, maybe my gender. Either way, I don’t get it. What makes it easier is a gel like this. From what I’ve read, it does pretty much the same thing, but is just a gel you put on before bed. It makes your eyes look less droopy and dark, so you look more youthful and stuff.

I like it since it lets me fool the world into thinking I get enough sleep. It does smell like a cucumber and that is pretty nifty, and according to my mom and sister it works better than a cucumber slice.

Review right here.

Cerama Bryte Stove Cleaner

About a year ago, I got my mom to get rid of the old stove we had that was on the verge of being broken and we got a new electric one. It took her some convincing, but she got it. It works great. What sucked was the fact that the thing was a fingerprint magnet and impossible to clean. Water didn’t help, and any cloth just spread around food and fingerprints.

What worked was this stove cleaner. I wish I knew what was in it so I could make it myself, but alas I don’t know. The stuff is magic though, and it cleans the thing to look like new every time we use it. Granted, you shouldn’t use this after every cooking experience, because you’ll go through it pretty quick like that.

The sponges and scraper are great tools since they help get the big parts of food away so the liquid can get the little residual pieces. I find it works great, and my mother loves it.

Check out the review.

Fish Oil Pills

If you live somewhere where fish isn’t a daily part of your diet, chances are you don’t get enough fish oil. I didn’t really even ever notice it, but I suppose it is true, since I only eat fish once a month unless I go to Florida or something.

Fish oil is pretty cool since it works to sort of oil up your joints. It helped me out when I started running since it helped me have less pain. I’m no medical expert, but a quick search would show you the benefits of fish oil pills. I’m just here to say that I tried a certain kind from Zenwise Health and rather enjoyed them.

Their pills are the highest dosage pills I’ve taken, partially because they tell you to take two, but what  I like is the lemon part. They say no fish burps, but the more I take them the more I find that to be false. The lemon part helps with that though since it sort of masks it.

For more info, check out Dr. Axe’s website


Samson Go Mic

When  I was in my first semester of college my friends and I thought it would be cool to make a “Let’s Play” YouTube Channel. Well, you can probably tell how that ended up going. Either way, I did buy a mic and it ended up being the Samson Go Mic. For the price of 30 bucks I got a great mic. Much better than anything built into my PC, and I didn’t even need an extra filter to avoid those very air filled ‘p’ sounds from most mics.

I just clipped it onto my laptop whenever we played and the audio turned out really well. It has a nice little carry case too which is smaller than a Beats earbud case, which is pretty cool.


Hyaluronic Acid Megapost

Before I started reviewing I had never even heard of Hyaluronic Acid. Apparently it is really big since it can hold up to 100 times its weight in water, which makes skin look much more plumped up. Supposedly they use it on burn victims and it helps burns as well.

Either way, I have neither deflated skin nor am I a burn victim. Just a regular guy. However, when you start reviewing products, you have to start somewhere, and skin care is a pretty easy place to start out. Since starting I have done quite a few for hyaluronic acid because I find I like it, and my sister and mom are big fans as well. Obviously they have bigger results than I do, but I have to test it myself, since I don’t do fake reviews.

To save you the trouble of reading a bunch of posts like this, I will just make one large megathread for every review of this I have done. But first, read up on the benefits of Hyaluronic acid at this site.

As I said, here is a couple of my reviews to these products in no particular order.

Azure Naturals

Lilian Fache

Cosmedia Skincare

BlueRigger HDMI Cord

Now that Chromecasts and Amazon Sticks are everywhere, some people don’t use HDMI cables anymore. Even if they do, they use something like the AmazonBasics brand. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I find that this BlueRigger one is much better. In fact, when I returned my AmazonBasics I picked this one up.

HDMI is great for my laptop since I find that streaming to my laptop then to my TV on a Chromecast is just not as fast as it should be. Usually my shows end up being very jumpy and that just makes for a bad viewing experience.

15 feet is pretty long, which is great since I can go from my TV to my laptop from pretty much anywhere. Life is grand. The gold connectors are standard, but the braided cable is pretty nice, if not a bit stiff. A fantastic buy at a great price if you need an HDMI.